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National Field Resource Network

Seeing an opportunity to directly serve corporate and association clients, a group of the nation’s premier grassroots campaign managers formed the National Field Resource Network to provide politically sophisticated corporations, trade associations and lobbyists with an efficient source for generating grassroots and public affairs action on legislative issues. We use proven local campaign techniques to identify, educate and mobilize grassroots allies in a coherent and credible campaign.

Our campaign managers have worked on hundreds of grassroots campaigns for some of the nation’s leading corporations and trade associations. Our political operatives have run grassroots campaigns on issues such as NAFTA, the China trade deal, tort reform, excise taxes, technology competition, health care reform and energy.

Our strength is found in the local knowledge, contacts and skills of our campaign managers in each of the fifty states. We know the local political landscape because to us it’s a home, not a CD map. We count leaders of key state constituency groups as our colleagues and friends, not as names on a mailing list. We don’t rely on Hotlines or Twitter feeds to learn about the local hot-button issues; we hear about news in our communities before it hits the DC or the national radar screen. Our experienced operatives can personally manage large groups and coalitions to ensure the proper message is getting through to any legislative body in the United States.

With our Washington D.C office and our regional offices and our territorial management techniques the NFRN can bring on-the-ground knowledge that few firms anywhere in the country can match. Our reach stretches into all 435 U.S. House districts, which, obviously, also translates into all 100 Senate seats and every single state legislative district. In short, we can effectively communicate with any individual in the United States with a vote.